Did You Know – Oct 2016

Monday 10th October 2016

Parents in sport: Helping you to achieve positive relationships with parents and carers.
A5 leaflet for coaches. Child Protection in Sport Unit, NSPCC
This leaflet for coaches aims to help them achieve positive relationships with the parents and carers of the children and young people playing on their teams.

It emphasises the positive role that parents play in supporting children and making sport enjoyable for them. It also warns of the effects of negative parental behaviour on the motivation and performance of young athletes.

Bulleted lists offer strategy advice for communicating with parents and show the ways that parents can get involved. Download a copy

CPSU, NSPCC Positive sports parents – videos for parents

These short clips for parents look at how they can help young people play and achieve to the best of their ability. They’re excerpts from a longer interview with Dr Camilla Knight titled ‘Positive sports parents – valuing their contribution’. Access the videos

Positive sports parents – videos for coaches and clubs
These short videos aim to help coaches and sports clubs realise the potential of parental involvement. They discuss why it’s important to get parents involved and how to work with them to make sure children and young people enjoy and do well in their chosen sport.

The clips are excerpts from a longer interview with Dr Camilla Knight titled ‘Positive sports parents – valuing their contribution’. Access the videos

Sporting Equals to launch new Insights series 

Sporting EqualsSporting Equals, the charity that exists to actively promote greater involvement in sport and activity for disadvantaged communities, particularly ethnically diverse communities, have launched a new initiative entitled the “Sporting Equals Insights  Series.”   Sporting Equals latest consumer research, conducted in partnership with the Department of Sociology at the University of Leicester looks specifically at the young Asian Pakistani female market (16-25). The research was carried out using focus group techniques and one-to-one interviews and has been supplemented with information drawn from other research carried out by  Sporting Equals. It provides valuable insight which sport providers can draw upon to make sport more inclusive for this segment and help increase participation.

Sporting Equals insight into Young Asian Pakistani females identifies that these women face educational, employment and economic challenges alongside cultural barriers which impact on leisure and lifestyle choices. Finding the time, the right sort of motivation and the support meant there were limited opportunities for these women to pursue their interests in sport and physical activity.

Many of these young women were active at school and traced their relative lack of engagement in sport and physical activity after they left school linked to lack of confidence, available coaching, suitable facilities and adequate information and support.

Some women expressed a view that the male dominated nature of sport was often viewed by families as an activity for males rather than females. Very little support was given to females to engage in sport with a more direct push for girls to focus on academic studies.

It was important to have places where women could feel comfortable carrying out sport. Places needed to be more accessible for social and recreational sport activities to enable these women to engage with more of a push around local provision.

For many of these women having sports and exercise opportunities run by women for women was a critical factor in engagement, often there was more local demand than opportunities with local female activities oversubscribed. There was confidence that if opportunities were provided to train more female coaches and instructors, then more women would come forward to challenge potential objections from male family members.

Achieving more opportunities to connect with sport and physical exercise might involve getting key figures involved in provision and instruction and improving local networks and chances of communication.

Arun Kang  Sporting  Equals  CEO  commenting on the launch of the new insight series said,

“Our series will provide valuable insight into the key factors preventing and motivating BAME groups entering into sport and physical activity.

The series will also provide us with an outstanding opportunity to strengthen our partnership with the University of Leicester.

John Williams  Associate Professor and co-director of the Unit for Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement (DICE)  at the University of Leicester commenting on the joint venture said,

” Sporting Equals is at the forefront of work designed to increase sporting and physical activity opportunities for marginalised communities. It is especially important to hear the voices of people who are not regarded as ‘typical’ candidates for sporting activity and who are often ‘missed’ by sporting governing bodies and local providers.  These Insights add to our patchy knowledge and they will help immeasurably in devising effective policy which is both inclusive and popular.”

Annie Zaidi, football coach, Sporting Equals Ambassador & winner of Helen Rollason Award for Inspiration at the 2015 Sky Sportswomen of the Year Award & has been named as one of The Independents 50 most influential women in sport. “Sporting Equal’s work within BAME communities has helped to develop understanding about the cultural & religious factors that prevent people from BAME communities to engage actively in sporting activities. This then has a huge positive impact on wider society as over the years Sporting Equals have used this to help break down barriers & created community cohesion by delivering local & national sporting events, projects and courses to create active communities.”


Sported launches new e-learning resources to help members adopt best practice impact measurement

We are pleased to announce the launch of brand new e-learning resources to help Sported members improve the way they collect and utilise impact data, as part of our ‘Fit for Impact’ programme in partnership with Inspiring Impact.

As a proud sub-sector partner of Inspiring Impact, Sported’s goal is to work towards a Sport for Development sector where high quality impact measurement is the norm.

Our ‘Fit for Impact’ programme has been designed to take our members through a journey to greater impact practice; from understanding the benefits of measuring impact, right through to sustaining good impact practice within their organisations.

Find out more  – Membership of Sported is free !

Children and young people in sport – getting help. Child Protection in Sport Unit, NSPCC

As the recipient of the UEFA Children’s Foundation charity award of €1 million over 3 years, the NSPCC and CPSU have worked to extend their reach further into the sport sector.

We’ve been hosting consultations with young people over the course of the project to ensure that the relevant information is out there to support young people involved in sport.

This report summarises our findings and provides recommendations for all those working with children in sport. Download a copy View more information from the CPSU on the release of the report (12 October 2016)

Birmingham gets set to ‘Reclaim Sport’

BBC Get Inspired launches sports kit donation drive to give all youngsters in Birmingham the chance to play sports. Sporting fever has hit Birmingham ahead of BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2016 coming to the Genting Arena on Sunday 18 December. The BBC Get Inspired team are on a mission to make sure every child in the city has the kit to get involved with their favourite sports and activities.

From today (17 October 2016), live on BBC WM 96.6 FM the Reclaim Sport kit collection project will see more than 20 donation bins pop up in schools, supermarkets and public areas around Birmingham.

All the donated kit will go towards helping children in the city who wouldn’t otherwise have the means or access to get active. People will be sharing their donation stories live on BBC WM and on social media using the hashtag #HaveMyKit.

BBC Get Inspired is leading the project in partnership with Birmingham City Council, Sport Birmingham, BBC WM and BBC Birmingham

You can find a full list of the collection bins in your local area on the BBC Get Inspired website at: bbc.co.uk/getinspired

BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2016 will be live from Birmingham’s Genting Arena on Sunday 18 December. Tickets are on sale now from: www.theticketfactory.com or by calling 0844 33 88 222. Tickets are priced at £45 plus admin fees, see website for full details. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult, minimum age 10 years. Full information available at:  bbc.co.uk/sportspersonality    View the full news item