Why not try Canoe Slalom?

Would you like to learn a new sport? Would you like to get fit and be more healthy? Are you ready for an adventure???

Then why not try Canoe Slalom?

Stafford and Stone Canoe Club is undoubtedly the most successful canoe slalom club in the UK, with over 60 World Medals in both senior and junior international championships, and three Olympians!

Canoe SlalomThe club has been training paddlers at the Westbridge Park site since it’s conception in 1973, introducing locals from Stone and surrounding towns and villages to the sport at their yearly taster sessions. Canoe slalom is one of the most spectacular watersports, demanding skill, stamina and courage. The aim is to run a rapid river course marked by “gates” fast, and without touching the gate poles. Touching the poles or missing a “gate” incurs penalties which are added to you overall run time.

For more detailed information on the sport please see www.canoeslalom.co.uk

It’s not just for kids! The sport accommodates all ages, abilities and genders.

There are Canoe Slalom races all over the UK, for various abilities, and many venues, courses, and White Water Centre’s. So if you enjoy weekends away this could be ideal for you and your family or friends.

There will be four adult taster sessions this year commencing from Thursday 28 April 2016.

If you are interested or would like more information please contact our Coaching coordinator Rufus McGreary on rufus@mcgreary37.orangehome.co.uk