Walking Football

Walking FootballWalking football is a slower version of the beautiful game and is designed to give players who may not be able to play regular football the opportunity to continue playing – it is proving to be particularly popular with players in the ‘twilight’ of their footballing careers!

Other than walking as opposed to running, the rules are the same as the regular version of the game, so individuals who may not have played for years or perhaps suffer from a mobility injury can play again in confidence.

The sessions are recreational, light-hearted and most importantly – fun!

The demand for walking football has significantly increased over the last 12 months, with players ranging from their 40s right up to their 80s, showing the variation of those wanting to get involved in the game.

Participants so far have commented on how the slower nature of the game allows older players to return to a sport they once loved, but have had no means to get back involved or methods of finding like-minded people.

Walking football provides an opportunity for participants to be able to kick a football again and re-live their years of being part of a football team.

The cup of tea after the game and the post-match banter is another enjoyable part of the sessions – adding a social element to a thoroughly enjoyable experience.