This Girl Can…is back !

Friday 6th January 2017

National Campaign Overview:

Sport England launch the next phase of the This Girl Can Campaign on 27 January 2017. The target audience has been extended and is now 14-60 years and there is more focus on building confidence and resilience.

The campaign has two activation objectives;

Primary objective:

  • To change the way sport and physical activity is delivered to women.

To provide appropriate, tailored sport and physical activity opportunities that respond to women’s needs and fears.

Secondary objective:

  •       The way sport and physical activity is promoted to women
  1. To signpost women to locally available opportunities
  2. To make the national campaign feel locally relevant and like “it’s something for me”
  3. To amplify and raise awareness of the campaign at a local level

This Girl Can

We understand that some of the television adverts are likely to include the following sports Pilates / Trampolining / Cycling / Kick Boxing / Power walking / Judo / Jogging

Local Activation


SASSOT is aware that there are fantastic activities on offer for women across the county and we would like to capitalise on the re-launch of the This Girl Can campaign to raise the profile of local opportunities.

Working in partnership with you we would like to develop some targeted media activity that would raise the profile of your activities and allow residents of Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent to identify with the campaign locally.

What Will I Get Out Of It?

  1. Increased media exposure and profile of your activities to a wider audience.
  2. Opportunity to promote new female activities or reenergise those lower attended activities
  3. Support and guidance on profiling your target female audience and producing promotional material
  4. Shared learning across the county


SASSOT is collating ‘human interest’ stories that bring the campaign to life and inspire others to get involved.  Working through our communication channels below we would appreciate your help in identifying local girls/women that have used sport / physical activity to make positive changes to their lives.

  • Social Media (Twitter / Facebook / You Tube)
  • Website presence
  • Engagement of local radio
  • Engagement of local press


We would be grateful if you could complete the following page with a few details about your activities and return to us by 20th January to allow us to engage the relevant communication channels, ready for the launch date. Although the campaign is obviously ongoing we would like to do a concentrated push from 27th Jan until end of February.

Please also link into the following This Girl Can & SASSOT social media channels

This Girl Can Website
Once you have registered you will be able to access the logo and imagery

This Girl Can Social Media
@ThisGirlCanUK       /     #ThisGirlCan      /     ThisGirlCan Facebook

SASSOT Social Media
@SASSOTCSP    /     SASSOT Facebook


Same examples of up and coming activity

 soccercise-poster    Go Tri

If you require any support and advice on producing targeted promotional material or social media support please contact Naomi Bird / 01785619585

Tell us About Your Project / Activity  download and complete the attached form shown below.

Name of Project / Activity


Dates & Times of Activities (Please feel free to provide a web link to where these are listed if you prefer)


Messaging: What is your key message and what core values are you trying to appeal to?

  • Happiness Wheellooking good
  • feeling good
  • achieving goals
  • developing skills
  • nurturing friends and family
  • having fun

(These values represent what is important to women in modern life and how they want to spend their time and energy. Different women at different times in their lives will place different levels of importance on each of these values).



Ages:  Please tell us the age groups that you are targeting, ideally this will be a specific age band rather than all ages?
Quotes: We are looking to bring activities to life as much as possible; please can you provide us with quotes from those that have already taken part in your activities?
Pictures / Video: Please could you provide us with a picture of your activity or selfies of the girls / women involved in your activity?  These can just be taken on a phone and don’t need to be taken on a professional camera.  If any of your participants have the TGC t-shirts, photos including these would be great.
Social Media Links: Please provide us with the link to your social media channels to allow us to share your information etc….

Facebook –

Twitter / Hashtags –

Instagram –

You Tube –

Website –

Return to: Naomi Bird – by Thursday 20th January 2017.

Thank You !