Insight Hub

Here at Together Active, we understand the impact that knowledge and insight can have on ensuring that physical activity opportunities are effective to support local people. However, it can be tricky to make sense of all the data and research.

Our Insight Hub is here to help!


Whether you need statistics to highlight a need or some insight that you can apply to your physical activity sessions, our hub will be able to provide you with the relevant datasets to arm you with the right knowledge to demonstrate needs and impact.

Using insight can benefit you in a variety of ways including:


  • Strategy Development
  • Project Design
  • Funding Applications
  • Monitoring and Evaluation


The Insight Log


In order to help you along with your insight, research and data gathering ventures, we have produced an Insight Log which lists a variety of resources that can be used to support you! Whether you are looking to develop your strategy, design your programmes or simply have an interest in a particular topic, please click the link below to access all the resources available on the log.


Insight Log


Please note: Together Active does not hold responsibility for the information published in the resources.


National, Countywide and Local Data/Research


Together Active also provides access to a variety of national, countywide and local resources that are bespoke to sport and physical activity. Please follow the relevant link below to access these resources!


National Data/Research

Countywide Data/Research 

Local District Data/Research


Active Lives Survey


Released on a biannually basis, Sport England (in partnership with IPSOS MORI) produce data reports on activity levels across the nation. The information is collected and shared from a national level down to local authority levels.


Active Lives: Adults (16+) and Children and Young People Survey Results 



Sport England Local Insight Tool


Sport England have produced a resource which combines both data and research on demographics, health inequalities and socio-economic deprivation with statistics on physical activity and sport. Please follow the link below to access the portal.


Sport England Local Insight Tool


How to use Insight


Does the insight I have gathered demonstrate the full picture?

This is the question that you need to consider whilst trying to use insight effectively. The following questions should help you to achieve this:

  1. What is the concern?
  2. How common is the concern?
  3. How can sport and physical activity be used to tackle the concern?


Why Insight?


  • The benefit of using insight is depending on the opportunity that is being supported. If collection of insight is use effectively in delivery planning, this will help you to provide bespoke physical activity opportunities.
  • Most funding applications will require you to demonstrate a need. Whilst consultation with residents is a great way to demonstrate these needs, you will make your application stronger by evidencing the need further through research, data and insight. For further support on how insight can be used for funding purposes, please click here.
  • The use of insight can also help to inform Strategy development; collection of this data and insight can ensure that the outcomes in a Strategy are effective and appropriate.


Our support to you…


At Together Active, we are committed to supporting clubs, organisations and community groups in capturing appropriate and effective insight as well as understanding how this can be applied to initiate and co-ordinate sport and physical activity provision.


Our Developing Insight and Shaping Policy service offer holds a plethora of opportunities to access bespoke support in all these ventures. Please see below for the details of our offer:


  • Using insight to inform service delivery and policy development
  • Community consultation and data analysis
  • Sharing research and insight resources from local and national sources
  • Designing tender specifications to procure external expertise
  • Providing objective consultative advice and guidance to review and evaluate strategic plans and policies
  • Facilitation and management of networking opportunities to support knowledge transfer and strategic collaboration