What We Do

Together Active (formerly known as SASSOT) is the strategic lead for sport and physical activity across the county of Staffordshire. Through working together with local agencies we aim to create active places and healthy lives through physical activity and sport. Through our experience and expertise we have developed a range of services to support local organisations to get everyone more active more often.


 What we aim to achieve


People Place
Residents from all socio-economic backgrounds enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of an active lifestyle Our communities are places where being active is the easy choice
Economy System
Our sporting economy is thriving, providing employment to an active workplace

Strong strategic leadership ensures that physical activity and sport become a core feature in local policy creating active communities


Developing the workforce


  • Physical activity advocacy training for health professionals
  • Introductory training to the principals of behaviour change
  • Sports Leaders UK training courses
  • CPD and training for schools to support the improvement of their school sport and PE offer
  • Bespoke advice from a PE and school sport specialist for individual schools to produce a whole school action plan
  • Training on the use and application of key insight resources
  • Guidance and training on how to monitor and evaluate services and interventions
  • Basic safeguarding awareness and policy development training
  • Training Needs Analysis for organisations
  • Club Matters workshops
  • Recruiting, training and deploying volunteers to support School Games


Men playing over 50s football
Over 50s football practice


Together Active Services

Developing insight and shaping policy

  • Using insight to inform service delivery and policy development
  • Community consultation and data analysis
  • Sharing research and insight resources from local and national sources
  • Designing tender specifications to procure external expertise
  • Providing objective consultative advice and guidance to review and evaluation strategic plans and policies
  • Helping Sport England recruit schools to take part in the Children and Young People Active Lives Survey
  • Facilitation and management of networking opportunities to support knowledge transfer and strategic collaboration
  • Providing strategic leadership for the sport and physical activity agenda through lobbying and influencing key networks and organisation. (This includes promoting the interest of our sector to the STP, Health and Wellbeing Board, Families Partnership Executive Groups and VCSE forums).


Developing marketing and communications

  • Helping partners develop and deliver new social marketing campaigns
  • Guiding on development of marketing plans and strategies
  • Profiling organisational impact
  • Advice and guidance on landing national sport, physical activity and health campaigns locally


Developing activity provision

  • Advice and guidance on funding opportunities
  • Bespoke support for providers to develop funding applications
  • Coordinating larger multi-agency applications
  • Brokering relationships to improve the strategic fit of applications
  • Managing delivery of nationally funded programmes
  • Delivering the School Games County Festival and coordinating the calendar of events
  • Raising awareness of funding opportunities


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