Gartmore Riding School

GartmoreSchools encourage the low achievers, disengaged, senco groups disability young people to register for this very special Sportivate programme as very often it is this group that are not engaged in PE at School.

The enthusiasm shown by the riders is mirrored by the inspirational instructors who seem to make all participants reach their true potential irrespective of age, gender or disability.

An endorsement of the success of the Riding School is that almost 100 percent of the riders are retained for the full duration of the course; and many want to continue to improve their riding skills and become voluntary help at the stables.

The project allows the young people to have a wonderful experience, opportunity which they may have never thought would be possible to visit a Riding School.

During the Presentation week Parents, Teachers have commented how some of the less engaged young people at School have become focused and more confident after their experiences -A life learning sessions that have made a difference as well as forming good partnerships with new volunteers and links with Schools.

GartmoreSportivate Riders that attend a session then return as a volunteer to help with the next Sportivate Programme of riders.

The high levels of engagement and retention start as soon as the riders enter the stables and meet the horse they are going to ride for the first time. The activities are intensive, varied and challenging meaning that riders have little chance of losing focus and the participants know from the first week what is expected from them and what they could achieve by the end of the course.

Riders achieve accredited certificates in Stable Management /Equitation.

The volunteering Schemes are  accredited to the approval system RDA training card certificates/YELA (young equestrian leaders award) both are counted towards ucas points.(13 years upwards.) and the GRS Riding Club is available to join for junior members to volunteer (9 years upwards).

Lessons are offered at a reduced rate to continue for a further 6 weeks and taster sessions. Lessons can be taken either weekly, once a fortnight, every three weeks or once a month but the volunteering scheme is open all the time which helps with financial circumstances.

Gartmore Riding School, Hall Lane, Hammerwich, Burntwood, WS7 0JT
01543 686117
01543 686117