How the Tackling Inequalities Fund helped our community

Friday 8th October 2021

The #TacklingInequalitiesFund has been hugely beneficial to local clubs and organisations after a challenging time recently.

Read some of the feedback we had from those we managed to fund through TIF in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent below.


“4 weeks in we’ve been walking by the river at the back of the library the first few weeks but yesterday we went in the other direction under Burton Bridge in the direction of Derby, for a different view. I’ve seen parts of Burton that I haven’t seen for years.”

– Parkinson’s UK Burton on Trent Support Group



“I think the top tip would be always have a back-up plan because you never know what round the corner.

The impact was that families just wanted to be out of their houses and to meet with other families and feel like they belonged to the outside world again and so were very grateful to anything and everything that was being offered.

We had several families that attended regularly, and they commented on how it helped them get through their days. How difficult it had been keeping children occupied at home all the time.”

– West Chadsmoor Family Centre



“The funding allowed us to target & identify young people from diverse backgrounds & cultures who were deemed as ‘at risk’. The funding impacted self-esteem, focus, motivation, inclusive community cohesion & social anxiety & we saw a significant improvement in mental health.”

“I was a naughty kid in school & always in trouble with bear teachers – I am from an Asian family & so was bringing shame on my elders & getting into things I shouldn’t. I was referred to do the Ruff Diamonds program & it was mint. The worker ‘Naj’ was cool & always helped me to stay positive – he inspired me to be an athlete cos I’m good at running & I started getting involved at my local running club cos he had made it as an athlete and was from a similar background to me.” (J aged 14)

– Ruff & Ruby



“Funding has provided an opportunity for the Network to put together a plan to engage and refresh Run Leaders knowledge and to be able to go into local communities to work with Leaders.”

Staffordshire Athletics Network 



“The programme has enabled the young people to actively come out in their community. Post Covid many of the young people who Liberty work with were very frightened and nervous about coming out into their community again. By having amazing sport opportunities enabled Liberty to help young people to participate in a group activity with their peers, even if it was an independent sport, such as running. This enabled the young people to gain confidence in their interpersonal skills again.”

– Liberty Jamboree



“Our community classes programme is continuing online and helping engage more people, at reduced or no costs for those who need it, thanks to the TIF funding which has given us the security to keep the programme going continuously through to this second lockdown.

– Burton Caribbean Association



“Our charity shared with all other providers, challenging Covid-related problems in delivering our programme of funded events.  However, all your funded activities 1-5 i.e. Bushcraft, Paddle boarding, purchase of Leisure Centre passes, High-wires and Cycle-hire were delivered. I have attached some young people’s comments about their experiences from the flip-chart photos I have to hand.”

– Leek 21 Youth Club



“I just wanted to say, thank you so much for funding our project, we have not previously delivered anything like it as an organisation and we have learnt a lot from it. Although the numbers were not high the feedback was great and the repeat attendance was evidence that people were enjoying it and getting something out of it and I really believe that it was more the online aspect of it that prevented higher numbers rather than the activity itself.

We will be asking our community what they would like us to provide in terms of exercise/ sport going forward.”

– Staffordshire Sight Loss Association



“The 16 families receiving packs were targeted through the local primary school- families receiving support through social care or other services, and families living in food poverty. 100% of families stated their physical activity had increased and they had enjoyed carrying out exercise with their households.

In addition, regular activity sessions took place weekly (Wednesday afternoons) where CYP and parents took part in a variety of sports and games in a local green space and were also provided with some equipment to take home (e.g., hula hoop, skipping rope, table tennis set).

One family (mum and 3 boys aged 7,13 & 15) told us: “We’ve had so much fun doing the exercises from the guidebook and also making up our own games. The boys don’t usually play together but doing this meant we could all get involved. My eldest son has found motivation to join your other sports activities and is losing weight and feeling fitter, which has increased his confidence.”

– Middleport Matters