Club Development Programme

The English Federation of Disability Sport have recently launched two products within their Club Development Programme;

1. Inclusive Club Health Check

2. EFDS Clubmark

Read below to find out more information about each of these products:

Inclusive Club Health Check

The Inclusive Club Health Check document has been designed to support ‘mainstream’ clubs to help them increase their membership of disabled people. There are seven sections for a club to work through which give useful tips and ideas to address the inclusion of disabled people in their club. By working through the seven sections it is hoped that ‘mainstream’ clubs will go along way to addressing the needs of disabled people and clubs will become far more welcoming for members.

The seven sections in the Inclusive Club Health Check:

1. Communication and Community Engagement

2. Policy and Procedures

3. Staff and Volunteers

4. Club Management and Marketing

5. The Club Facilities

6. The Playing Programme

7. Resources and Evaluation

Click to view and download the Inclusive Club Health Check.

EFDS Clubmark

The EFDS Clubmark criteria is Clubmark accreditation for;

  • Multi-sport clubs
  • Multi-disability clubs and / or single impairment clubs
  • Single sports clubs

The issue for some disability sports clubs in the past is that they have been unable to become Clubmark accredited as either they run a number of sports and are therefore not affiliated to just one NGB, or they are affiliated to an NGB who does not accredit Clubmark.

Disability clubs are now able to work towards EFDS Clubmark, however it is important to note that if a club can complete their own NGB version of Clubmark they must work towards this and not the EFDS version of Clubmark.

If you run a disability sports club and are interested in gaining Clubmark accreditation then click on the link below for more information about the process and the criteria, and then contact Claire Greenwood at SASSOT on 01785 619258 / cgreenwood@staffordbc.gov.uk

EFDS Clubmark Criteria