Watch our Step Up Strategy Launch

Thursday 29th April 2021

On the 29th April 2021, we launched our new Step Up Strategy.

Introduced by Chair of the Board Malcolm Armstrong and presented by CEO Jude Taylor, we were also joined by Simon Woollett, Operation Manager for Youth Justice, and Shawn Jamison, Managing Director of Hoop Skills.

Jude Taylor, CEO of Together Active, commented, “We’ve worked hard to develop our new strategy through consultation and research. We know that being physically active adds healthy years to people’s lives, and we want that to be something everyone can have access to.” The Step Up Strategy will see the charity working closely with local authorities and health services to develop new routes to being active. “We will be focusing more on supporting people facing financial disadvantage and those with health conditions and disabilities,” Jude continues. “For example, we know that there are huge challenges around mental health and obesity in the area, particularly for young people, and we believe that by helping them develop a love of movement, we can reduce the impacts these conditions have on people’s lives.”


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