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Tuesday 17th December 2019

December is here and so is Christmas – almost!

With 2019 nearly over, we’ve got our last Insight Newsletter of the year for you. So why not take a look before you finish for Christmas?

The theme for this month is Loneliness and Social Isolation and how it links to sport and physical activity.

The insight pieces highlighted in this newsletter are just a handful of useful tools, research and statistics that are out there. To help you to access further insight pieces, please see our Insight Log.

We hope that you find this month’s Insight Newsletter both interesting and informative!




Community Fund & What Works Wellbeing: Brief Guide to Loneliness and Isolation

Type: Guide

Geography: N/A

Theme: Loneliness and Isolation

Description: A guide that can be used to help to understand and measure changes in loneliness and isolation. Focused around supporting charities and social enterprises, this document will provide useful information, hints and tips that will help to evidence impact around this important social concern.

Please click the link in the subtitle for the guide.


HM Government: A connected society, a strategy for tackling loneliness – laying the foundations for change

Type: Strategy

Geography: N/A

Theme: Loneliness and Isolation

Description: This strategy marks a turning point in how we see and act on loneliness, both within government and in society. It’s the government’s first major contribution to a national conversation on loneliness and the importance of social connections. It sets out government’s long-term ambitions to work with others to build a more cohesive and connected society. It also includes a number of initial commitments that benefit both wider society and people at specific trigger points when they are at greater risk of loneliness.

Please click the link in the subtitle for the strategy.


Mental Health Foundation: State of a generation –Preventing mental health problems in children and young people

Type: Guide

Geography: N/A

Theme: Loneliness and Isolation

Description: This is the first of three reports, each looking at a different stage in life and the key things that both challenge and support mental health at these stages. It is intended both as a review of the recent evidence, and as a guide to anyone wishing to gain a rapid understanding of a preventative approach to mental health.

Please click the link in the subtitle for the guide.


Tip of the month!


Protecting yourself is key – always check the permissions when presenting data.


We know what it’s like, you come across some really useful data but you aren’t sure whether or not you can use it! It’s important for reasons such as privacy or safety to ensure that data isn’t shared without permission. Most data sources will state whether or not they can be used elsewhere – if not, you can contact the organisation or individual to ask.

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For further information, research and data sets to access, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the SASSOT team by following the link here.

Please follow the link here to our Insight Hub for more useful hints and tips as well providing links to both national and local data sets that can be used to support your ventures through sport and physical activity.


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