Local projects we’ve helped fund share what it means to them

Friday 2nd December 2022

This year, Together Active have been awarded funding from Sport England to distribute to local clubs and organisations who do brilliant work in their communities.

We were very fortunate to be given Birmingham 2022 Small Grants and Together Fund funding.

One of the organisation’s who we awarded money to through the B2022 Small Grants fund was the Potteries Educational Trust.

The funding enabled students from Stoke-on-Trent to try out horse-riding sessions at Poplars Farm Riding School.


Students at Poplar's Riding School.

Students at Poplar's Riding School.
Above: Students at Poplar’s Riding School.


David Hardwick, who applied for the fund, shares the benefit it’s had:

“We applied for the fund to give students across the Potteries Educational Trust the opportunity to take part in an activity that they would never normally take part in if it wasn’t for this funding. The great thing about horse riding is it attracted students who aren’t sporty and currently are quite inactive.

The sessions benefitted students from Werrington Primary School, Biddulph High School, Moorside High School and the City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College. It is vital that these students are active as it helps develop employability skills, confidence and resilience. It stretches their comfort zones and has a positive effect on both their physical and mental wellbeing.

The horse riding has given the students a welcome break from the stresses of their daily lives and the students have all had fun and learnt a new skill.”

Kay Croft, who took some of her students from Werrington Primary to the sessions, said:

“The team at Poplars Riding School were great partners and provided sessions that enabled all participants, regardless of their abilities, to participate in full.

The children that we sent really grew in confidence and it really helped to improve their enthusiasm for school and trying new things.”


Students at Poplar's Riding School.

Students at Poplar's Riding School.
Above: Students at Poplar’s Riding School.


Another organisation we’ve funded through the B2022 Small Grants is Cheslyn Hay & Cannock Chase Community Tennis.

Chris Perrin who applied for the fund, shares what it means to them:

“We applied for the fund as we wanted to increase community cohesion through inclusive coach-led tennis sessions allowing adults of all abilities to meet and find others of similar levels to play with.

The funding has helped us make tennis more accessible through inclusive environment with beginners equipment. It’s really developed the confidence of participants who haven’t played before or are picking it back up after lapsed period.

I think being active is so important for physical health alongside mental wellbeing. We love seeing the positive impact it has on confidence and wellbeing.”


Cheslyn Hay Tennis players
Above: Tennis players playing at Cheslyn Hay & Cannock Chase Community Tennis.


Lifeworks Staffordshire were also funded by us through the Together Fund. Liam, who applied for the fund, said:

“We applied for the fund to allow Lifeworks clients to participate in sporting activities that they’d otherwise not have an opportunity to do.

The funding has allowed us to host new activities for our clients, and also help to support Kidsgrove Sports Centre. We think it’s important to keep fit and motivated, as it helps support physical and mental health and wellbeing.”


Chris from The Gingerbread Centre, who were awarded funding through the Together Fund, said:

“Activity is vital to the support we give to our families but they are in a position where they cannot afford to go out and do things. Activity is good for overall health, confidence and self-esteem, which is why we run an Activity Club at The Gingerbread Centre aimed primarily at the children but open to the entire family.

Being a city-based charity, our outdoor space is limited. We applied for the funding because we wanted to develop a bigger programme of activities for our families but did not have the resources to fund it. The funding that we have kindly received has enabled us to put together programmes for the entire family such as swimming and indoor climbing aimed more at the children.”


Child playing clip and climb.
Above: Child playing clip and climb with The Gingerbread Centre.


Kut from Dizzy Heights, who were also awarded funding from the Together Fund, said:

“We applied for the fund to continue supporting young people to be active in a community where there is a real lack of facilities. The funding has helped a great deal as without it our multi sports youth session would be at risk of closing. With the funding we have been able to provide young people with new sports equipment enabling them to engage in a variety of sports and to stay active.

I think it’s important to be active for health reasons both mental and physical. Participating in team sports builds positive relationships, team spirit and encourages young people to work together as a group. Successful participation also raises self esteem.”


Young people at Dizzy Heights indoor session.
Above: Young people at Dizzy Heights session.


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